Tuesday, 24/07/2012, 03:54 (GMT+07:00)
Strategic vision of Binh Duong Newcity
Over the past years, Binh Duong has been known as a destination of domestic and foreign investors with many modern industrial parks attracting thousands of foreign investors and tens of thousands of workers inside and outside the province.                   
Binh Duong New City Project is considered to be an important construction work, contributing to enhance the development of the urban area of the province in the innovation period, in order to strive for making Binh Duong become a central city by 2020, satisfying the demands and expectations of the government and local people of Binh Duong province. This place will be a perfect destination for investors, attract a lot of human, financial, material and intellectual resources for Binh Duong City in the near future.            
Perspective of the centralized Political - Administrative Centre of the Province
located in the heart of Binh Duong New City                   
As planned from now to 2015 and 2020, total investment capital for the projects of the centre of Binh Duong New City will have been over VND150,000 billion, including VND20,000 billion for construction works.             
The construction of the centre of Binh Duong New City is aimed at meeting the goals of sustainable industrial development of the province, and significantly contributing to generally promoting further development of the key Southern economic region. Binh Duong New City will be an important highlight with a monumental scale, not only meeting the international standards of living, working and entertainment but also creating a new face for Binh Duong province.                  
Binh Duong New City will be an Industry – Service – Urban complex, serving 125,000 settlers and over 400,000 people frequently coming here to work. It will play an important role in planning functional areas and infrastructure in accordance with international standards and vision.            
Outstanding characteristics of the Newcity:        
  • Being planned carefully with diversified utilities located in strategic locations for creating a totally new living and working environment.                
  • Attracting young and active workforce to come to live, study and work.         
  • Being an intellectual city for scientists and technical experts to come for research and professional development.             
  • Being the gateway city connecting to national provinces and cities, and countries in the world.      
  • Being a sustainable design model.         
  • Having infrastructure system synchronously planned and managed, including the systems of transport, underground power, water supply and drainage, telecommunications and security, etc.        
  • Having a subway system connecting with Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces.          
  • Having a system of comprehensive planning management for ensuring the development in accordance with the defined planning orientation.