Monday, 27/08/2012, 04:05 (GMT+07:00)
Overview of Binh Duong New City
According to the approved project, Binh Duong New City is constructed in Binh Duong Industrial – Service and Urban Complex. This is a civilized and modern urban area, and the center district of Binh Duong city under the central authority in accordance with the planning orientation to 2020. 
Especially, this area was chosen to be a centralized administrative centre of the province by the Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee and People’s Council of the province. In order to complete the 1/500-scale detailed construction planning of the new urban area in modern model, Becamex IDC has invited the Design and Research Institute of National University of Singapore as a foreign consulting firm to implement. 
Perspective of Binh Duong New City
In June 2009, the Provincial People’s Committee of Binh Duong approved the detailed construction planning at the scale of 1/500 under Decision No. 2273/QD-UBND. In July 2009, Becamex IDC Corporation was granted a certificate of land use right by the PPC to implement the new urban area project in Binh Duong Industrial – Service – Urban Complex under Decision No. 2717/QD-UBND. 
Located in a favorable center, Binh Duong New City will be the gateway of international connection and commercial and service exchange as well as technological exchange and transfer at the most advanced level of science. 
Binh Duong New City Project was approved by the Government to be a development project with the following main work items: the centralized Political and Administrative Center; High-tech park of Mapletree Group (Singapore); Eastern International University, International School of Kinderworld Education Group; Commercial, Financial and Banking Center; catering areas; senior conference areas; A-class offices; high-quality residential area (apartments, villas) provided for 125,000 settlers and over 40,000 people regularly coming to work here. 
Binh Duong New City is oriented to be a place of gathering and attracting intellectuals as well as developing technology, playing an important role in the planning of functional zones, infrastructure and suitable solutions of international standards. This is also the Work of great significance, contributing to the rapid development of the Province's urban areas in the reform period, and at the same time satisfying the demand and expectation of the government and people of Binh Duong Province.