Wednesday, 02/10/2013, 02:05 (GMT+07:00)
Signs to implement IJC@VSIP commercial urban area
On September 28th, Tac Dat Tac Vang Corporation organized a signing ceremony of implementing IJC@VSIP commercial urban area at Lucky Square Conference – Event Center, Binh Duong New City.
IJC@VSIP is the project invested by Becamex IJC in collaboration with VSIP with the purpose of turning 128 hectares of favorable land at the center of Binh Duong New City into a Singapore standard commercial and service urban area, meeting the housing demand of over 4,000 experts, 10,000 office staff and 39,000 laborers who are living and working in VSOP II nearby. IJC@VSIP is specially designed for commerce in the Singaporean style with 02 street frontages, which are convenient not only for housing but also for business. IJC@VSIP also provides outstanding utility services serving modern life, such as centralized administrative centre, financial centre, hospitals, superior commercial center, schools, bus stops, weekend amusement and recreation areas with Twin Doves 27-hole golf course, central ecological lake, etc. Not only can residents in IJS@VSIP have an irresistible business opportunity but also enjoy a Singapore-style modern, convenient and close-to-green-nature life.
Model of IJC@VSIP commercial urban area project
Recently, the project has welcomed over 2,000 visits of customers. Over 80% of products were booked by the customers only on the first day of the investors’ project visit. Opening sales of the 1st Stage are 200 lots at the most favorable location with 02 street frontages of 150-300 m2, selling price is from VND 3.1 million /m2.
Besides, the Employer also offers many great preferential policies for customers when signing agreements. Especially, the first 50 customers will immediately receive a travel to Singapore to visit and learn about Singapore’s real estate market. Customers can also have opportunity to attend the program entitled “Exploring Binh Duong New City, receiving gifts and winning SH immediately”. The special prize is 01 Honda SH motorcycle, 01 first prize is 01 Wave motorcycle, 02 second prizes – each prize is one 32-inch LCD television, 03 third prizes – each prize is 01 microwave, together with hundreds of other value gifts.
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